We are a parish that encourages and encompasses the traditional principles and practice of Christian Stewardship.

Stewardship means the regarding of ourselves and of our possessions as a trust from God, to be utilised in His service in accordance with His will.  As stewards, we acknowledge that we own nothing, but by the grace of God, possess much. We are therefore responsible to him for the use we make of all of our Time, of our Talents and of our Treasure, thus ensuring that a worthy proportion be given back to 036-st-andrewsHis service, through His Church. It is also the practical expression of genuine and generous Christianity and there is a significant place in Stewardship for every one of us. In this way, the giving of our time and talents is a worthy way of being involved in the life of our church and our direct giving helps meet the expenses of the church for it’s Maintenance, Mission and Ministry upon which it is entirely dependant.

If you are not already in the scheme and wish to acknowledge your responsibility as a steward dispensing the grace of God, then please contact the Stewardship Group via the Parish Office.