God of truth, whose servant Janani Luwum walked in the light,and in his death defied the powers of darkness: free us from fear of those who kill the body,that we too may walk as children of light,through him who overcame darkness by the power of the cross, Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Lent book for this year is 'Saying Yes to Life' by Environmentalist, theologian, social activist and author Dr Ruth Valerio @ruthvalerio. Join us on 20 February to hear Ruth speak about this wonderful and inspiring publication.

Today we remember St Scholastica (c.543). She was abbess of a community, and met with her brother, Benedict of Nursia, yearly, to seek God in prayer and worship, and to discuss spiritual matters.

'Almighty God, by whose grace Scholastica, kindled with the fire of your love, became a burning and a shining light in the Church: inflame us with the same spirit of discipline and love, that we may ever walk before you as children of light, through Jesus Christ our Lord.'

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